There are various types of extensions that can be installed to provide additional functionality to nBill. There are 3 supported extension types: payment gateways, language packs, and features.

An extension is usually supplied as a .zip file which can be installed using the nBill Extensions Installer. To access the installer, select Extensions->Extensions Installer from the main menu, as shown in figure 8.1.

Figure 8.1 - Accessing the Extensions Installer

This takes you to the installation screen which works in the same way as the file upload installer that comes with Joomla. Take note of the warning given here: An extension can access your entire website, so please only download extensions from trusted sources (such as

Note: If you install a new language pack, it will only be used if your CMS language setting is the same as that of the language pack you have installed (use the language manager to install new language packs in Joomla, or see the documentation for how to add languages to Wordpress). For any language elements that have not yet been translated in your installed language pack, it will default to English (some language packs only have full translations for the front-end features, and when new features are added, the language packs can lag behind until a volunteer provides an updated translation).