CharityClear Payment Gateway

CharityClear Payment Gateway
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08 November 2014
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Payment gateway for the UK Payment Service CharityClear (all profits from the use of their service go to charity). This gateway does NOT support recurring payments. This gateway was written by CharityClear, not Netshine Software Ltd.

Please note: Although I have inspected and tested this gateway and it seems to work well with nBill (for one-off payments only), there is a known limitation: There is currently no mechanism for verifying that a successful payment callback really came from CharityClear so it is theoretically possible for a malicious user to spoof a callback which could trick nBill into thinking that a payment has been made when it hasn't. If you are shipping physical or digital goods automatically, it therefore might not be appropriate to use this gateway. If you provide a service that requires manual intervention or that can be cancelled, the risk is minimal as you can check that payment was definitely received before allowing access to the service. ChartiyClear have confirmed that they are looking into developing an authentication mechanism.

This is an nBill extension. Use the extension installer in nBill to install it.

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