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Case Studies


"nBill is truly awesome. It has truly comprehensive documentation and superb support. I had the component fully configured for subscription sign up, which handles registration and charges the new member a monthly recurring fee, within a day, and I didn't need to contact them for help, but just followed the documentation."
- Norman Bartholomew,
Buy to Let Investors Ltd

"I spent ages searching for a billing component for my hosting business and by chance stumbled across nBill. The component is perfect for a hosting company, very flexible, very cleverly done and IMO very cheap, I would have paid more for this component without a doubt. Overall I am very impressed. Keep up the good work!"
- Richard Rainbow

"I've never been more amazed. Being a programmer myself, we are doing fairly complex things with it (adding invoice records from other systems) and its testament to the package (and the event handling system) that we can do what we are doing. We actually chose Joomla as a solution BECAUSE of nBill."

- Tony Byng,
The Company Merchant

"Setup my website to sell hosting and domain names as well as invoice clients for a variety of services. This component does it all, is ONE of the very few commercial components that are worth while buying and the developers are very helpful."
- Helmut Watterott

"I have to say that I am really impressed; not only with the product but also the highly responsive service. The product does what it says and it does it really well. This product was well thought out. Coming from Australia I often find that software designed for other countries does not quite fir the bill ;-) but this one certainly does.Well done nBill - you have set a benchmark in quality of product and service."
- Keith Burgess,
Webwings Internet Marketing

"The component itself is fantastic. The support for this nBill is OUTSTANDING!. I have NEVER had to wait more than 12 hours for either a response on the forum or a reply to my support tickets, more often I have received useful answers within an hour or 2. I have never experienced this level of support with any other Joomla component, either Open Source or Commercial. I have yet to come across an issue that has not been resolved. First Class!"
- Martin Muckle,
Mony a Mickle

"I can't say enough about this great piece of software...I would recommend nBill to anyone wanting to automate their billing and order system, especially if they are using Joomla. My hats off to Netshine! " 
- Jim Alexander,
People Team Atlanta Web Design

"There aren't enough words to describe the utility and service of this software. It is user friendly and well thought out. The documentation is thorough. The support is fantastic. Extremely fast turnaround, specific and direct." 
- Renée Gendron,
People Planet Profit Connects Inc.

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